Expired Web 2.0 PBN's That Will Change How You Do SEO

NO Fluff, NO Over Hyped B.S ... The Proof is in the pudding
Our Expired Web 2.0 Blogs rank sites faster than anything you are doing right now. With over 600+ Sales on Source Market AKA Konker.io backed with a 5 Star rating, successfully helping SEO's and Agencies like you to rank for Low, Medium and High difficulty keywords on the cheap.

Ranking with Expired WEB 2.0's is NOT a New Concept

If you are an experienced SEO, you probably know whats going on with WEB 2.0's... But if you Dont.
Expired Web 2.0 blogs have been a working and sustainable method for keyword rankings for as long as Web 2.0's have been in existence.
Web 2.0s have played a big part in the Parasite SEO method and have proven to take a major GSA spam beating where you could launder link juice to your money sites with ease and rank.

Me along with a few other SEO's who run their own Agencies or who are Solopreneurs have been using these expired web 2 properties with spam free high quality links for years to successfully rank for Affiliate, PPL, client websites on the cheap with out a hitch. 

And I invite you to try it for yourself, whether you considering to purchase my reputable 8x Powerful Web 2.0 PBN links here and get the results you need, or you can find them yourself and create your own network.

Affiliate site targeting products in the Animal niche earning $100 - $150 a day, selling a product with the avg sale price of $400.  I am ranking for buyer intent keywords like "reviews" and selling 3 units a day.
(How I did it) No PBN's were used in the making of these rankings (see image below)
All rankings were archived by using Web 2.0s, Social Signals and for link diversity Blog Comments. 

Why Traditional PBN's Don't Work Like They Use To...

This might rub you the wrong way... But in my experience I had grown my Personal network up over a span of 4 years, spending $10,000+ a year in PBN's, which includes domain scraping, VA's for build outs and management, domain registration, shared hosting and reoccurring costs.

PBN's are a costly investment that should return the investment, right?....
Yes, there was a time when my affiliate sites, client and PPL sites ranked 90% the time with PBN's but as of the past 2 years rankings dwindled with less and less impact from PBN's to justify the ROI. Already at the time I was ranking sites on page one purely with Expired Web 2.0's.

In that time I managed to sell off my entire Private Blog Network to invest into expired web 2.0 PBNs because I found that the ROI and keyword results were better across the spectrum in terms of cost, time and results.

I apologise for not being scientific with graphs and info-graphics, but my science resides in ROI, based on TimeMoney Spent and Return. PBN's failed in those areas for my business.

I am not saying traditional PBN's are dead or useless, for some businesses they make it work, and it supports the good old saying "There are many ways to skin a cat".

If you are still using PBN's as the main part of your ranking strategy then all the power to you.
Thats if it doesn't take you a hours on end to scrape with expensive scraping tools to find domains that are actually spam free and available to register or you spend $100 - $1000 on a domain at Godaddy auctions
Which ever way you find them, nothing strays from the fact that upon registering these domains, they will be disadvantaged by Googles ever advancing algorithm that generally gives these domains a low authority score.

I am NOT saying that PBN's are DEAD, but their effect on rankings have greatly diminished and have become inefficient in building them, unless you have disposable 
income to invest big on it.

Domains Authority Score

A domains real authority score cannot be measured with any third party link tools like Majestic or Moz, the only way to test a domains ranking effectiveness or true authority score is decided by Google.
How to find out this score?
Is to spend you hard earned money on the gamble on registering and building out a PBN site and linking from your site to your money site and wait IF there are any results.

The Real gamble is, You may or may not see any results and its become more apparent to the fact that google are devaluing traditional PBN's. 

A single PBN test can cost: $30 - $40
- $10 Cheap Hosting
- $10 Domain Registration
- $20 Content - ($5 per article) 

NOT including the other expenses.
- Minimum $30 a month - Link Checker Tools (1 tool)
- PBN Scrapers $20 - 300 a Month
- Proxies $10 Per Private Proxy
- And the valuable time lost gambling with the idea 

It's been tested by real SEO's and for the last few years it has been regularly discussed in the community and regurgitated by those "SEO Gurus" that Google has been giving less and less power to re-registered expired domains and has been devaluing them and their outbound link juice we all come to love and need from PBN's for ranking our websites.

There is a Cheaper and More Effective Solution That RANKS Every Time

Using  popular Web 2.0 websites like Tumblr, Blogger, Overblog, Wordpress.com and etc, which are mature sites that Google loves not because they are aged websites and have over 100's of thousands of blogs under each platform, or have tiers of inner links, or juiced up with loads of authoritative backlinks from all sorts of external websites from across the web, its because they have millions of users using these sites which excite social sharing. = Natural Looking Sites with Actual Engagement. Duh!

Which Prompts the question about the known ranking factors we know about consisting of engagement, content and links...
"Would it make sense for Google to award trust and authority to a unknown re-registered expired domain vs an aged domain like tumblr where millions of users are active 24/7 which Google Loves?"
-- most likely not.

This is an affiliate website ranking in a high competitive niche for buyer intent and review keywords making $200  - $300 a day. Ranking exclusively with Web 2's

tumblr backlinks that rank websites on demand

Pros of WEB 2.0s:

Domain Authority - By using Web 2.0s as a part of your backlink strategy, you are leveraging the already existing authority score of the domain that google already loves, which ranks websites easier in Google.  

Expired Web 2.0's - The same principle applies with traditional PBN's with re-registered expired Web 2's: You will be seeing more results in a shorter amount of time with less resources because (back again to domain authority) because you are leveraging the power of the domains authority and trust that google hangs off..

Low Cost - Traditional PBN's are expensive to find and manage. With Web 2.0's there are no registration fees, reoccurring fees or any fees at all.

Much Lower Risks For Google Slaps - For Pbns you have to build them out to look 'natural' to avoid manual or automatic bans. To counter this, a recommended piece of content over 300 - 700 words per article with a minimum of 4 articles per site along with their own Social media profiles for that PBN and etc to blend in. 
With Web 2.0's you do not need filler content, social media profiles or anything like that. One 20 word post with your back link is all it takes to start seeing SERP movement. 

Takes A Beating - Web 2.0s can take on a barrage of Pure SPAM Links or negative SEO and it will NOT adversely harm the Web 2.0 domain, neither will is be penalized by the Big G.
The catalyst behind Parasite SEO is basically a method of Spamming (shitty GSA links that you wouldnt use on any of your standalone Money Sites) to an Authoritative domain (Web 2 property) that you have a Page/Blog on, where you can rank these mini-blogs and pages purely on SPAM Links without getting penalized. 

Cons of WEB 2.0s:

Termination - Much like traditional PBN's getting de-indexed in Google for dodgy practises, the Web 2.0s have similar thing, the platform could delete a portion of your Web 2.0 network which is usually the cause of out-right careless abuse of spamming the platforms internal posting systems.
If you avoid 'unnatural or spammy' practises, then your are going to avoid termination and the loss of a Web 2.0 private blog network.  

Another Affiliate Website earning $100 a day in Amazon Commissions. 
Ranking for competitive buyer intent keywords 
...and yes its all coming from expired WEB 2 rankings

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